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The Windy City

March 20, 2015

Perhaps the test of a truly great city is if you can enjoy yourself even when it's raining ice! I’ve been to Chicago four or five times now.  My visits have never been for very long and they have always been slammed with meetings. This time, though, I brought my wife and daughter. I am quite sure that in just three days, they’ve been able to see more than I ever have. But I don't mind, honestly! I have said it before and I'll say it again, Chicago is a place where just to be there is to be imbued with an energy which lifts the spirits and ignites the imagination.  That said, we did manage to do a few things together as a...

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Take the Slow Way

December 03, 2014

Traveling in the North East between January and March, with its snow delays and cancellations, is all about "Hurry Up and WAIT!"So when another DC trip, with a stop in Philly, came up, I opted to take the slow way.... a good old fashioned leisurely train ride!To me, taking a train has a nostalgic feeling, rather like using a pay phone again. But any journey is only as good as we make it! So what did I do? I unplugged my phone, relaxed and let my mind wander....The word slow can be defined in many ways; creeping, dawdling, lagging among them. But slow can also have a dreaming, pondering, almost imperceptible quality. We're busier than we ever have been in...

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